Data Analytics for High Performance Building and Mission-critical Systems

ZENNOVE® provides customers across all market segments with a connected solutions architecture to integrate and optimize all major high-performance building and critical-systems attributes, including energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance, and occupant productivity.

New Built Environment Analytics

Owners in both the public and private sectors are seeking a higher level of performance and sustainability from their buildings and critical assets. Data analytics have advanced the criteria upon which to base the kind of optimization that will create and maintain greater performance and long-term value.


Attainable Valued Outcomes

  1. Reduced energy and operating costs
  2. Lowered maintenance costs
  3. Improved functionality or productivity
  4. Enhanced environmental conditions
  5. Sustainability or durability of building and critical assets
  6. Continued operational capability after a catastrophic event

All outcomes have the potential to offer building and asset owners dramatically greater returns on their investments. This impact is a “business” decision made voluntarily based on optional improvements to the building’s performance and asset sustainability well above the minimums required by local codes and federal regulations. Incorporating analytics early into the architectural planning plays a vital role in transforming the creation and operation of high-performance buildings and critical-systems.

ZENNOVE® leverages enterprise analytic software, proven sensorization, and data aggregators to build and deliver cost effective end-to-end connected solutions. We provide new levels of measurement and verification to deliver actionable intelligence our clients can observe through a company-wide, real-time data sharing analytics platform.


Post Built Environment Analytics

Beyond new construction, major renovations and retrofit, opportunity exists to achieve higher performance in buildings by foregoing the practice of deferred maintenance and by vigorously encouraging practical service strategies for the building operational assets. Prior decisions about operation and maintenance of systems based on the energy costs at the time must be constantly evaluated with respect to current and expected energy costs.

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Real Opportunity

The current positive attention surrounding the linkages between the built environment and energy awareness, energy efficiency, sustainability, asset management, political capital, and technological feasibility should not be wasted.

The emergence of the need for high-performance buildings provides a real opportunity to look deeply at some fundamental organizational, procurement, scientific, and technical possibilities.

ZENNOVE® provides a truly open analytics framework that enables you to go well beyond energy management into other critical areas of your enterprise, from root cause analysis to predictive maintenance and beyond.


Clients rely on our end-to-end solutions to manage their high-performance buildings and mission-critical systems to propel their operations forward.

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