Energy Monitoring

IC Energy MonitoringWhen it comes to saving energy, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization.


This typically involves the following steps:

  1. Meter your energy consumption at the specific end-point and collect the data.
  2. Finding opportunities to save energy and estimating how much energy each opportunity could save. You would typically analyze your meter data to find and quantify routine energy waste, and you might also investigate the energy savings that you could make by replacing equipment.
  3. Act to target the opportunities to save energy (i.e. tackling the routine waste by automating the schedule of usage and replacing or upgrading the inefficient equipment). Start with the best opportunities first.
  4. Tracking your progress by analyzing your meter data to see how well your energy-saving efforts have worked. Then back to step 2, and the cycle continues.

ZENNOVE provides low-cost energy kits with incredible data acquisition power at cost effective price points. Each kit includes hardware and software to connect, acquire, record and export data for enterprise use


Single-Source Energy Kit-Solutions

Zennove Kit


 ZENNOVE has developed these highly effective kits to provide a complete energy management information system to save time, energy and cost.


Why an Energy Kit?

In the not-so-distant past, equipment shipped from the factory without any means of communicating its operational data for purposes of remote monitoring and analytics. To have this as a factory option, it would be considered as:

“Highly Custom” or “Specialized”

Technically complex

Cost prohibitive due to design, engineering and hardware/software costs


ZENNOVE has developed its energy kit solutions to minimize the complexity and cost of deployment by architecting a solution that is unconstrained by proprietary technologies, products and protocols. Through this approach, our up-front engineering efforts are leveraged to provide a set of products that allow Facility Operators to affordably instrument their Critical Infrastructure portfolio.

Data extracted can be used with our Intelisphere™ enterprise iIoT software to normalize, visualize and analyze information to gain valuable knowledge and actionable intelligence.

Analytics Platform

Energy Management Information Kits

Bundled Kits


Focused Solution

HVAC Energy Monitoring Kit

ZENNOVE has designed & engineered these kits to be independent of manufacturer, make and model.

  • By doing so, the range of applicability encompasses all equipment – old and new alike
  • Enables consistency of collected data objects across a vast portfolio of equipment
  • Variances in HVAC equipment capacities and electrical characteristics are addressed at the sensor level – ensuring that the end-product is the same from unit to unit


Kits have been strategically refined to:

  • Target key data objects relevant to understanding energy consumption and operational performance
  • Optimize the costs associated with hardware, sensors, installation and integration to produce an economical solution


Get Started with your Energy Monitoring Kit from ZENNOVE and Save

Energy Monitoring Kit


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