Enterprise IoT Analytic Solution

IC Enterprise IoT Analytics

ZENNOVE is changing the rules of data integration and applied analytics. Our innovations have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect, integrate and interoperate across the enterprise. Effectively providing all stakeholders with actionable intelligence that cannot be neglected.

Our data analytic solutions allow diverse environmental and energy systems to communicate like never-before. Advancing the concept of a truly connected environment for you to analyze data and drive operational outcomes from commercial buildings to industrial centers to higher education.

Why Operations can use Real-time Analytics

Many executives and line-of business managers are formulating their thoughts around operationalizing analytics and, when asked why, many of the responses are universal:

  • “Integrating analytics into business processes can play a huge role in improving inefficiencies and making better business decisions, quicker.”
  • “We need up-to-date data and analytics in easily accessible dashboards and reports to make the right decisions.”
  • “Analytics helps to provide value-added on the user experience with advanced alerts and notifications.”
  • “It is important because you can catch errors or irregularities sooner and act.”

Data analytics is the new engine propelling the enterprise digital transformation and, when properly deployed can produce new actionable intelligence to users.

How Operations can use Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics enables the business to leverage information and analysis as events are unfolding. At a high level this includes:

  • Speed of Thought Analysis – Analysis is often a journey of discovery, where the results of one query determine the content of the next. The system must support this journey in an expeditious manner. System performance must keep pace with the users’ thought process.
  • Interactive Dashboards – Dashboards provide a heads-up display of information and analysis that is most pertinent to the user. Interactive dashboards allow the user to immediately react to information being displayed, providing the ability to drill down and perform root cause analysis of situations at hand.
  • Advanced Analytics – Advanced forms of analytics, including data mining, machine learning, and statistical analysis enable businesses to better understand past activities and spot trends that can carry forward into the future. Applied in real-time, advanced analytics can enhance customer loyalty and enable the business to make adjustments according to current conditions.
  • Event Processing – Real-time processing of events enables immediate responses to existing problems and opportunities. It filters through large quantities of streaming data, triggering predefined responses to known data patterns.

We provide a truly open analytics framework that enables you to go well beyond energy management into other critical areas of your enterprise, from root cause analysis to predictive maintenance and beyond.

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